You and SLC's First Fifty Years

Dick Tindal - Retirees Association of St. Lawrence College

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the college system in 2017, the Retirees Association of St. Lawrence College is encouraging its members to contribute stories and memories from their time at SLC. The objective is to develop a Book of Memories that will document the colourful history of St. Lawrence as recalled by those who were part of it.

That’s right! As you have perhaps heard, the community colleges are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2017. They have come a long way since the Ontario government decided that it needed to create some post-secondary institutions for students who were in the four year tech stream in high school and wouldn’t be able to get into a university. From that rather humble beginning, colleges have greatly diversified their program offerings, have attracting increasing numbers of university graduates seeking additional education that will enhance their employment prospects and have, through various joint agreements – begun to offer degrees in a growing number of program areas.

Book of Memories Being Compiled

As a proud member of that group of employees who were hired in the late 1960s and helped to build St. Lawrence College into the widely respected institution that it is today, I believe we need to celebrate the history of our college and especially the many memorable people who laid the foundation for its current status. To that end, I have been encouraging members of our Retirees Association to share their recollections of memorable characters and events. These are being compiled into a Book of Memories that will be ready in 2017. The latest draft of this evolving book can be found at Here. There are many former employees of SLC who are not members of the Retirees Association but doubtless have some great stories to share and this column is an attempt to reach such past employees who receive Voyageur. To those Voyageur recipients (no doubt the vast majority) who are SLC graduates, you are also invited to share your memories. Space constraints may become an issue if there is a strong response to this invitation but an abundance of material would be a nice problem for me to have. I’m sure that many graduates have recollections of memorable characters and events from their time at SLC – preferably happy and positive stories, but that’s your call.

Your Stories Are Invited

Whether you are a graduate or a past employee, you can send your stories to me at If you prefer, you can remain anonymous, with your name simply included in the alphabetical list of contributors in the back of the Book of Memories – although by their nature some stories make it very difficult to conceal the name of the contributor. Otherwise, you will be identified as the person sharing the story. I cannot guarantee to use everything submitted. If I do use a story, I usually make minor editorial changes, sometimes having to do with spacing or layout. If I am making any substantial changes in a story that I am using, I will send the revised version back to you for review (to whatever email address you provide in your submission). If you have photos relating to the stories that you are submitting, they would make a great inclusion. If possible, scan them and send them along as an attachment to your email.

Watch for News of Special Event for Retirees

St. Lawrence College will be holding a number of events in 2017 to commemorate the 50th anniversary. At least one event, hosted by the SLC Retirees Association, will be specifically for past employees. I would expect that this event may also be of interest to many past graduates, who may wish to attend and reconnect with their old teachers (and I emphasize the word old). Since details are not yet available, I urge you to check periodically at the Association website ( where information on the special retiree event will be posted once known.

Please note that if you are a retired College employee, staff or faculty, and interested in joining the SLC Retirees Association, just contact Dick Tindal at You can also check out our website at

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